Gamified Microsite

Brief for The Future Laboratory (2021)

Challenge: Translate the report’s content on the future of luxury into a highly engaging visual experience, introduce the research theme and encourage viewers to buy the full report.

Proposed Solution: I used a gamification technique to promote desired marketing effect. The microsite offers a miniature creative and digital consumer journey. Using a webpage, visitors can explore the report through an interactive 3D environment.

This game-like space is a first-person journey across several ‘points of interest’ that reveal highlights from the report and eventually lead to the report purchase page.

This specific landscape powerfully highlights the theme of ‘Anti-Social Sanctuaries’ that plays a vital role in the report. The Artificiality of this particular landscape resonates with the concept of non-tactile luxury, similarly to how we see brands move their products into augmented reality spaces.

Using the cursor (circular shape) at the centre of the screen, the visitor can control the direction they are moving in. Bottom left of the screen, the user can see the link to the report if they wish to proceed at any
given point. 

As time elapses and the user travels through the landscape, highlights from the report will become revealed to them. After a predetermined time, they will be transported from the environment, returned to the link and encouraged to purchase the report.

Software Used: Unreal Engine, After Effects, Photoshop.