Two-day participatory workshop led by DASHNDEM, Camila Gonzalez with support of Natalia Dovhalionok for 16-21 year olds. For those who are interested in politics performance and technology.

My role in this collaboration was to assist the creation of the speculative Post-Brexit future in particular content creation and visual Identification of the artefacts designed to guide participants through the narrative of the project.

“Take a speculative leap in time of a recent Brexit victory that has shaken deeply divided and forever changed the future of the UK. The workshop will bring tactical creativity of international student movements to the workshop, hailing the rise of new young people’s Political Language. The event in part will be inspired by 2011-13 Chilean Student Movement that combined urgent Political Speech and entertainment in their fight for the right to free education.  ”

Screenshot; “Independence day” reforms. Presented by the fictional education minister in the year 2020.

Photograph; test print of designed for the event newspaper front pages.

Artefacts included a short documentary, Series of video responses from a fake minister of education, as well as over 70 newspaper headlines. link to online blog containing sketches (WIP) of newspaper headlines, as well as other media for fictional events from the future.  


Blog , animated gif.