Space Waste Mission from Natalia Dovhalionok on Vimeo.


SPACE WASTE MISSION (2019)  provides you with an opportunity to become an orbital trailblazer, deorbiting defunct satellites and maintaining an essential pathway for outer space pioneers. Accompanied by an artificially intelligent bot, you will finally have time and space to contemplate your existence.

Space Waste is the name for millions of spent objects orbiting the Earth. Inoperable spacecraft, pieces splayed by collisions and disintegration, old satellites no one cares about anymore. The rising population of space debris increases the potential danger to all space vehicles.

Space waste mission is a video game that draw's a line in between players self - contemplation and the real issue of human made waste in space. A conversational bot is the main character, supervising the player on their journey through the clattered orbits of waste. The game offers a slow-paced environment allowing the player to explore the features of the bot and debris information uncovered in the process. 

Show 2019, Royal College of Art.

Theses are examples of props designed in the process of a project's path development:short introductory book A5, posters, logo and visual Identity experimentations.

Voice-over: Luke Riches
Soundtrack: Adragante - Space Heart
Special Thanks to Ken Hollings,Thomas Deacon, Halim Lais